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VitaCreme B12
Item Id: Vitacreme B12
VitaCreme B12
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VITACREME B12 is the first cosmetic cream containing Vitamin B12, an essential component for healthy skin. With deep penetrating capability,VITACREME B12 helps regenerate, nourish and moisturize your skin.



To meet the endless desire of healthy and younger looking skin, Optima Cosmetics  concentrated on developing a formula for a cosmetic cream containing Vitamin B12.  In 1998, after 25 years of continuous study and effort, the Optima research team was able to successfully and economically combine Vitamin B12 with naturally derived ingredients in a safe and stable formula. Vitacreme B12's exclusive and patented formula allows Vitamin B12 to penetrate deep into the skin delivering this essential ingredient where it is needed most. The result, healthy and younger looking skin.

Vitacreme B12  is tested under stringent control of the Swiss Vitamin Institute and is now being introduced in the United States. 

Benefits of VITACREME B12
  • Stimulates renewal of skin cells
  • Hydrates and softens skin tissues 
  • Rejuvenates and improves skin elasticity and firmness
  • Revitalizes and diminishes age lines and existing wrinkles
  • Helps to prevent premature wrinkles
  • Repairs and rebalances the skin's natural defense system
  • Relieves and soothes chapped skin
  • Smoothes or attenuates new or old scars
  • Helps prevent peeling after a sunburn
  • Can be used as a day cream and/or cosmetic base
Vitamin B12 is Essential for Healthy Skin

Research and pharmaceutical studies have determined that Vitamin B12  at the dermal-epidermal level acts as an excellent tissue regenerator.   Through the use of their patented technology Optima Cosmetic delivers Vitamin B12 to this level of the skin. This promotes growth of deeper skin germination cells and favors the formation of elastin and collagen fibers. Vitamin B12 accomplishes this while   providing the epidermis with the  water required to revitalize upper layers of skin. These benefits are particularly noticeable on dry or mature skin that has been over exposed to the sun, cold or wind. When skin is healthier it looks healthier.




Functions of Vitamin B 12

  • Acts as a coenzyme for normal DNA synthesis
  • Promotes normal fat, carbohydrate metabolism and protein synthesis
  • Promotes growth, cell and blood-cell development
  • Promotes manufacture of nerve cell covering
  • Maintenance of normal nervous system functions
How to Apply VitacremeB12
Apply a pearl-sized portion of VITACREME B12 using the following massage technique.This will accelerate its actions, with results being seen and felt within 2 weeks.

Apply cream to face and neck evenly. Begin massage by placing fingertips on chin and circling three times. Place fingertips on chin with your thumbs underneath and circle three times. Move fingertips towards outside of lips and circle three times. Using both hands with two fingers, circle three times under cheekbones.
(STEP 1 - 5)
Using your thumbs, push up on brow and hold for three seconds. Move to temples and do three circles on each side. Place fingers at inner corners of eyes and circle three times around them. With thumbs under cheekbones, place fingertips on our forehead and move fingers up and down three times. Using two fingers, one in front and one behind ears, move fingers up and down three times to create heat. With palms down, finish the massage with firm, alternating hand movememts across face and neck.(STEP 6 - 11)
Why Vitacreme B12? 
Because it Works!

Size:  1.76 fl oz
 Customer Reviews Average Rating review  
  I played golf, this VitaCreme B12 helps hydrates and softens skin. Rejuvenates and improves skin. Helps prevent peeling after a sunburn. I like to use it night.
  Reviewed by:  Liz from Walnut Creek. on 9/9/2013
  I feel this creme has healed any flaws of my complexion. And I love the moisturizing feel of the skin. I will definitely keep using it.
  Reviewed by:  Mary from St. Cloud wi. on 7/17/2013
  I absolutely LOVE this product! Best thing is it moisturizes my skin w/out causing breakouts; secondly, it seems to heal and feed my skin ("plumps" it up like a young persons skin, balances my oil/dry zones, etc). I will never buy any other moisturizer. I'm 48, grew up at the beach, and since using Vitacreme B12, my husband says he's never seen my skin look so great (he says his friends think I'm in my 30s!).
  Reviewed by:  P J Scott from Costa Mesa, CA. on 1/25/2013

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