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Why Hydrate?
Posted by Dr. Mike on 6/6/2013 to Skincare

Why “Hydrate”?


Water, good old H2o, is an essential requirement for every animal’s, humans included, survival.  And skin, being the largest organ of the body, needs water to carry out its many functions.  Those include protection, insulation, sensation, and regulation of temperature.


I want to focus on why it’s so important that your skin obtains and maintains adequate hydration.  And more specifically why Obagi Medical’s Hydrate is the best means to accomplish this.


Think of a skin cell (or any cell for that matter) as a sack containing lots of tiny particles.  These particles run the cells which run our body.  Without the important nutrients, hydrogen (H) and oxygen (O), the particles cannot do their job.  Therefore it is important that water is always available in sufficient quantity for our skin to do the job(s) it was meant for.


Although our skin is our largest organ, it is not our most important in terms of immediate survival (consider heart, lungs, brain, etc.).  So, when H2O is at a premium, other organs will have higher priority.  Unless you are stranded in the desert or on a raft in the ocean, water is readily available.  But how can we make quick “skin adjustments” when dry air, sunshine, air conditioning or other environmental factors decrease the amount of water in our skin?  Simple – devise a formula which attracts and holds water in the skin.  Better yet, have that formula also have the ability to gradually disperse the water over time.  Well, it’s not that simple, but Obagi Medical has done the trick.  Their new moisturizer, Hydrate, contains an ingredient called Hydromanil which attracts, holds and disperses water over an 8 hours period.  This, along with the natural non-pore clogging ingredients shea & mango butter make Hydrate the ideal moisturizer.  That’s why Obagi now includes Hydrate in both their dry and oily Nu-Derm starter kits.  There are hundreds of moisturizers on the market – Hydrate is the first and only one that delivers water on an ongoing basis.


Dr. Michael Weiner, M.D.

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