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Should you use Toner?
Posted by Dr. Weiner on 8/22/2013 to Skincare


In over 33 years of practice, I’ve frequently been asked, “Why do I need a toner?”  After acknowledging this as an excellent question, I reply, “You don’t, but if you want to achieve the best results from your Obagi products, you should absolutely use one.”

Obagi’s toners are formulated to accomplish several things to maximize your skin care.

  • Balance skin pH
  • Improve absorption of products placed on the skin after the toner

  • Tighten skin and decrease pore size, while still moisturizing

Using any cleanser will alter the normal acid/base balance of the skin surface.  Bar soaps for body use can be particularly harsh.  Washing will strip away the usual acidic state which helps protect against bacterial build-up.  Oil and sweat will naturally reestablish skin acidity within a few hours,  However a toner will rebalance the pH as it is being applied.  This results in overall skin health (less bacteria) and allows skin care products placed afterwards (Clear, the appropriate exfoliant, and Blender) to absorb much better.

Both NuDerm and C-Balancing Toner (this is for oily skin only) contain an organic astringent, witch hazel, which helps tighten skin and decrease pore size.  It is found in greater concentration in the C-Toner.  More importantly, you have to realize that an astringent can be too drying.  And that’s why it is important that it be combined with the correct amount of moisturizer to prevent this.  Obagi has made the C-Toner to provide more of the astringent effect, whereas the NuDerm Toner has the perfect combination for dry, normal or oily skin.

So in order to maintain that healthy skin glow while not looking to “greasy” or “shiny”, I highly recommend using the Obagi toner that best suits your needs.

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