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Who Should Consider the Obagi-C Rx System and Why
Posted by Dr. Weiner on 9/4/2013 to Skincare

Who Should Consider the Obagi-C Rx System and Why

All of us wish we could have the skin we had when we were younger.  Unfortunately, due to nature, sun exposure, and environmental factors, our youthful skin will show signs of aging.  Depending on genetics, how much you love the sun (and/or outdoor winter sports), and the amount of pollutants in the air, skin changes will eventually become evident.

The Obagi-C Rx System is formulated for men and women in the range of 18-40 years old.  More importantly, it has been shown to correct what has already occurred as well as prevent future damage.

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 Who Should Consider the Obagi-C Rx System and Why
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