Authenticity of our products

We pride ourselves on the authenticity of our products and can assure you that we purchase directly from all manufacturers of the brands we carry.  It is very important to be aware that some online sellers aren't authorized and therefore could be selling counterfeit, dilluted and/or expired products.  We encourage you to verify us with each company and you can do so by visiting the following links.  If you can't verify who a company's physician is and where they are listed as a reseller on a manufacturer's site, then you should be very careful before purchasing from them.  Anu-Skin is located in Madison, WI and is owned/operated by Dr. Michael Weiner, a plastic surgeon with over 36 years experience.


Obagi (we are first one listed when you scroll down)

Exuviance (type in zip code 53719 to locate us)

Revision (type in zip code 53719 to locate us)

Lumixyl (type in zip code 53719 to locate us)